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Turn typical code into quality code

Low-code unit and integration testing
for Developers and QA Engineers

Beta release is now available

We solve unit and integration testing problems.

"Development is hard. Testing is harder."

"Why do we never have time to do it right, but always have time to do it over?”

Gerald Weinberg - legendary Computer Scientist


The Code Coverage problem

Many focus on Code coverage as a quality metric. But it can be a poor or misleading one! Learn more.


The Test Case problem

Many don't realize how much the quality of your software is affected by the quality of your test cases. Learn more.

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The Readability problem

When tests fail, it's crucial that you can quickly understand the test configuration, which is tough with manually coded tests. Learn more.


The TDD opportunity

Test Driven Development is an excellent testing methodology. Vizitest is an ideal companion to any team adopting or using TDD. Learn more

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The AI problem

People instinctively look to AI to solve anything these days. Letting AI generate test cases based on your code is fraught with risk. Learn more.


The Time problem

”Why do we never have time to do it right, but always have time to do it over?”. Learn more.

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The Methodology problem

Choosing between methodologies is hard. Going all-in with one can be a mistake. How Vizitest helps...

Vizitest does things differently

We want to make tests robust but fun. Great for developers but also for QA Engineers. Easy to understand when written but also in years to come.

We won't force methodologies on you. Adopt testing at your own pace and in a way that works for your team.

Test Manager

Organize your tests efficiently and beautifully. Create groups of tests, arrange them in any hierarchy so finding them is a breeze whether by eye or by searching on group and test titles or descriptions.


Test Editor

The Vizitest test editor is a low-code, canvas based way of configuring tests visually and without having to write test code.

  • Naturally documents configurations, test cases, test code and test output
  • Choose from an growing palette of test types
  • Auto generates test cases and test code
  • Test code runs in your preferred test runner



Auto Generated Test Cases and Test Code

Vizitest generates test cases and test code with the click of a button.

  • Each test type backed by a dedicated algorithm for generating test cases and test code
  • Parameterized test cases
  • Commented for readability
  • Runs under your preferred test runner
  • Will work even if you stop using Vizitest



Developers and QA Engineers

Why should the responsibility for unit and integration testing be the sole responsibility of developers? We empower developers and QA staff. In fact, any product team members should see how tests have been designed without having to read code.


Vizitest in a nutshell

Watch our overview video


How it works


Install locally

Vizitest is installed and runs on your development machine. Connect to your local codebases with the Test Manager. 100% Git compatible.

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Organize tests

Arranging your tests in beautifully organized, hierarchical groups makes finding your test configurations quick and easy.

Groups and Tests can be searched for by name making them even easier to find when you've got hundreds or thousands of tests.

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Select a Test Type

Test Types are formal methodologies defined in the canvas. Each one is backed by a dedicated algorithm for generating test cases and test code.

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Configure tests

All unit and integration tests are created using the visual Test Editor. 

We've got you covered with class instantiation, method setup, side effects checking, custom assertions, exception handling and factory methods.

For maximum flexibility you can write code wherever required.

How it works integration test
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Inputs and Outputs

We provide a highly efficient way of defining the input and output data for your tests - Equivalence Classes and Representative Values.

These are then automatically combined into Test Cases using dedicated algorithms to generate the optimal number of test cases.

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Auto Generate Test Cases

One of the most powerful features is the auto-generation of test cases. Coming up with the right number of  test cases is almost impossible to do properly "in your head".

Each Test Type has its own dedicated algorithm that generates the optimal test cases automatically for you based on the input data you define.

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Auto Generate Test Code

Regardless of the test type, Vizitest generates self-documenting, best-practice, parameterized, readable test code at the click of a button.

Although you can read it, you should almost never need to edit it.

It's 100% test runner compatible and without black magic. And if you ever decide to stop using Vizitest, it will still work.

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Run your tests

All tests run under your regular test runner and are compatible with CI/CD pipelines and developer workflows.

The titles and descriptions that you specify when setting up the test make the output meaningful and help to diagnose issues.

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Self Documenting

Your configurations naturally document your tests and can be understood months or years into the future - way easier than deciphering test code.

This goes beyond the configuration itself. Titles and labels also appear in

  • test code, with code blocks neatly commented
  • test runner output, with test cases and scenarios easy to understand and troubleshoot.

Present and Future

We've got some exciting things available in beta and round the corner. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what Engineers and Technical QAs can expect from Vizitest's new approach to unit and integration testing.


Programming Languages

We currently support Java, but we'll be adding C#, C, C++, Typescript and Python. We'll then open up an API for more languages and customizations.

programming languages
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Support for Test Doubles, Mocks and Spies using popular mocking libraries.

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Factory Methods

If you need to reference or write your own Factory Methods, you needn't worry. Create them wherever they're needed and reference them from the Vizitest UI.

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Test Types

Vizitest comes with one of the most powerful and rigorous test types, Equivalence Class Partitioning. But we're adding more and more UI driven test types.

  • API Testing (Q2 24)
  • Decision Flow Table - create test rules in a table (Q2 24)
  • Decision Flow Diagram - flow chart driven testing rules (Q2 24)
  • Decision Table (Q2 24)
  • State Transition testing (Q3 2024)
  • ... and more to come


Test types image stack
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Java Spring

Coming in early 2024,  we're adding explicit support for Java Spring.


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